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Ομάδα Συνεργατών-Aris Skouroliakos

First of all, Michael is a man with a passion for what he does and creates, whether it is an article or music, either translation or language courses as he has a thorough knowledge of Greek, English, French, Italian, Spanish. His work is serious, consistent and always within the deadlines. Finally, it is important when you love what you do to make it happen, despite the adversities and difficult circumstances. Michael belongs to this category and I am delighted to work with him!

Aris Skouroliakos

Michael Tasinas is a talented man and teacher. He is experienced, hardworking and consistent. His training method that follows always results in success and in multifaceted development of the student. He has extensive training material and his own notes. He is passionate with everything he does and this is directly perceived by the student. His emotional maturity and his faith towards his students can inspire them resulting not only in achieving their objectives but also in their spiritual growth, remaining always beside them as an advisor. I highly recommend Michael because of the excellent cooperation I had with him and for the fact that he is a professional and at the same time an exceptional person.

Efi Kompogianni
matina gatzia

Michael is a remarkable young man with knowledge and great skills! You can rely on him as he is consistent and you know in advance that your job will be ready just the specified date! He is polite, perfectionist, communicative and eager to work. It’s a pleasure to work with Michael! I highly recommend him.

Matina Gatzia
Dimitris Tsimpanos

Michael is responsible, consistent, methodical and perfectionist. The way he works, allows a creative interaction and the cooperation with him is a unique experience! With Michael we have worked several times for translations, mainly on the content of my website, which was very demanding as it had a specific music terminology. The result was amazing. The translations were made on time and accurately. He is an experienced professional. Our communication was prompt and efficient. I certainly recommend him.

Dimitris Tsimpanos