He was born in Athens on 23 July 1985. He studied at the Athens School of Philosophy at the Philosophy Education and Psychology Department. He is philologist, psychologist, author, translator, composer & singer. He speaks fluently 5 languages, Greek, English, French, Italian and Spanish. He has translated websites, student works, literary texts and advertising projects. He is Professor of Greek language and he gives private lessons in all educational levels in all above languages. He has participated as a narrator in interactive courses for children and adults. He plays piano and guitar.

He was involved with music when he was 4 years old, starting theory and classical piano lessons at the “Conservatory Rizopoulou” and after two years he continued his musical studies at the “National Conservatory” of N. Iraklion in Athens.
At the age of 16, he started composing his first songs, writing lyrics, singing professionally and completing his own classical compositions.
In October 2004 he created his first group with purely progressive influences, the Time Infusion.
In 2008, at the age of 23, he began his literary work with the forthcoming novel “2332” which has an essay character.

In 2011, he created the New Rock Times, group with not only rock influences, releasing the song “Black Hole” (Mavri Tripa) with Greek lyrics and performing a series of live shows and collaborations with popular Greek artists, like Tania Kikidi, Eurydice, Sophia Vossou, Imiskoubria, John Zouganelis, Vasilis Kazoulis, John Giokarinis, Lakis Papadopoulos, Theodosia Tsatsou, Lambis Livieratos, Christos Dantis etc.
From 2012 until 2014 he attended singing lessons with Soprano Tina Andrikopoulou.
From 2014 he follows a solo career. In March 2014 his first album entitled  “Guilty Secret” (Enocho Mistiko) with Greek lyrics, was officially released by the record company Melon Music, writing the music and the lyrics for the title track sang by Tania Kikidi.

In November 2015 he signed a contract with the record company Crystal Dreams Music and he released his first songs as a performer and composer with the titles «Oil on the fire» (Ladi sti Fotia) and «The time laughs with me» (O chronos mazi mou gela), with Greek lyrics.
At the same time, he completes his second novel with the enigmatic title «Soil in the dark» (Choma sto Skotadi). In December of the same year, he officially released the song «Christmas Wish» (Christougenniatiki Euchi) by Crystal Dreams Music and he also released his own Christmas songs for children in many festivals of Athens.
In July 2017 he officially released the song «Truth» (Alithia).

In February 2018 he released in waltz rhythms the song «Paron», which is his first poem set to music.

The influences range from classical education to rock, pop, rock ‘n roll, electronic and traditional music without any limit. He also adores musicals and soundtracks. For this reason, he doesn’t adopt a certain style, he changes constantly attitudes and he loves writing songs which belong to different genres of music.